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Fun, quirky game

I liked this game, took me awhile to figure out the shooting and movement thing but after that it got fun. Like the upgrades and whatnot, levels are nice - nice variety of enemies too

Played the first 1 and like and 2nd

All that said, I do like the 2nd 1 better. More options to choose and very nice calming music.

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Very fun

Liked this game very much. The shooting was good, but how you did the instructions wasn't very good - I'm not the type to sit and watch something to know how to do it. You probably were trying to be different but yea - I like to just get into the game


That's it, nothing much to say other than that - 1 hit = death? C'mon, seriously! Also eventhough I was able to last an average of 42 seconds, it still very hard and not fun when you die so many times. And yes, bullets are too big and player icon too big also - these are not good combos in a game

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Very Intuitive

They controls were very different from most games I've played. Very nice concept and I like how the soldiers move about on the map. NICE

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Ok, This is good

I'll admit this puzzle game was fun. I don't really like playing puzzles, but this one was good. Figuring out what the shape was very interesting. I wonder if this could be the next Alien Hominid LOL just kidding maybe not, but still good. Not much to change if you're going to make another one.

Very nice

Sweet animations, loved it - I gave it a nine because the battles were too simple, wished I could do more than just press the space bar. That's about it, sayanora ppls

really fun

The game had nice concept. Very well done, and yea about the standing in one place, i stood in one place for quite awhile before I got hit by a rock.

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