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Hello World!

2009-08-27 02:36:49 by FlameDragon88

Well... This is a good place to network, I guess. I'm a student at Brown College. I'm getting my Bachelor's of Science Degree for Game Design and Development. Right now I am currently working on a group project. We are using the Torque Game Engine (TGE) to develop our very own FPS. This game obviously will be a free download if we make it available to the public. I'm also working on my own project using TGE. I'm learning flash this quarter and maybe I might be able to get some flash stuff on here - maybe.


Flame "The Poetic Ninja" Dragon 8/27/09

P.S. You can check out my website even though it's a work in progress. I'll more than likely not update it for awhile - still learning HTML, JavaScript, and DreamWeaver Check it out if you want